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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thanksgiving in Pocatello

We left early Thanksgiving morning to drive up to Pocatello Idaho to have Thanksgiving with my family. We pulled in around 11:30am and checked in to The Holiday Inn. The hotel was great and Parker didn't want to leave. In the "Holidome" they had a swimming pool, a Foosball and a Ping Pong table. It was surprising how many "out-of-towners" there were. That evening the Holidome was filled with families gathered around tables playing games and you couldn't have fit one more person in the hot tub! I guess it was the "HOLIDAY" Inn!

The Worthington Clan was alllll here.... Joan, Tasha, John, Parker, Dexter, Erin, Nat, Annika, Thomas, Ella, Keith, Kristien, Grace, Jessica, Kory, Kevin, Janelle (& lil' unborn Cache) and Layla. Jess had some friends over that you will see in the pics too C.J and Davien. It was a GREAT Thanksgiving in Idaho filled with family and friends and not too many family fights! We started making a list of all the subjects we couldn't bring up...politics, religion, health, etc. etc. etc.

Kory is DONE...and now trying to figure out how to rig up a beer line to drip right into his mouth. No, really, that is what he was contemplating, he told me.

The next morning we went back over to Jessie & Kory's and had a big yummy breakfast! Then we played some Rock Band!!

We even brought our own "Groupies" (Kristien in the back)

Here is some of my Thanksgiving decor outside my house...check out that green lawn!

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