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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bye Bye Bye Baby Rex

Chris, Jessi and Rex had to head back to Texas to pack up and move to North Carolina. Chris will be stationed in Fort Bragg.

The cousins came over to say their goodbyes. Lucas entertained himself until Chris and Jessi got there. We could hear Darth from the kitchen...just breathing...breathing that scary Darth Vader breathing!

Brillo wasn't too sure about this black mask thing that sounded like it needed an inhaler!
As soon as Rex got there he ran to Kristen and just wanted to cuddle. He was just clinging to her I think he didn't want to go home to Texas!

Back again for more hugging!
Oh! or maybe it was because he thought Aunt Kristen could get him through the gate ;o)
We had to do a little bit of unwrapping of Christmas gifts. Yes! We HAD to! and this was not regulation "Beach Family Christmas Gift Opening" but this was a gift that might break on the trip home and needed to be properly packed, so we HAD to have them open it! A glass pie plate for Jessi with the BEACH name etched into it and the Army Strong Star.
Rex got some trains to play with on the truck ride home
Mike Beach Family
John Beach Family
Steven Beach Family
Good Bye Chris and Jessi and Rex! Drive Safely!!! Good Luck in your new adventure! WE LOVE YOU!!!

1 comment:

The Sweet Escape said...

It's nice to know someone loves family gatherings! haahahahaa! We need to get together soon again! I need some Tash time!

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