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Monday, January 16, 2006

All of the Nieces & Nephews

***Disclaimer*** My Tata Tina tells each of us kids that, "You're my favorite", so I want all my nieces and nephews to know that they are each my favorite and that these pictures are in no particular order, not even in age order. It's just how I found your picture and put ya in.

This is Ella's "Happy" face. When we were babysitting her, all she wanted to do was hold and listen to this snowman music box. It has little snowbabies (that's why she loves it) that spin around on ice.

This is Miss Ashley. She is the first "Beach Girl" to be born in 40 years!!! Steve & Haley broke the curse. She also has her own little blog: http://utahbeach@blogspot.com Lil Ashley has a great personality and is quite a ham for the camera...most of my relatives are! Ashley was in a great mood on New Year's Eve and last almost the whole night!

And this is Keegers... okay, Keegan. I got 2 neices and 1 nephew all in the same year. One...the first, was born on my birthday (so I'll be 32 FOREVER..ha ha ha!), the next was born in May and then another in July! Keegan will be getting a brother very soon!

This is Lil' Miss Gracie Poo... with her Mum & Daddy after Christmas Dinner. Grace is the youngest. She is sooooo cute. She is always in a great mood! I've never seen her cry before, but Keith and Kristien don't believe me.

And next we have Ladybug, Layla. She is my clone. It took my breath away the first time I saw her after the newborn stage. She was crawling around a corner and it freaked me out! There I was crawling on the floor! Weird. This is Layla and her Dad, my brother Kevin.

Let's see, then there's Thomas, who currently loves Acceleracers by Hot Wheels. He is a master at Hot Wheels online games! That's his Dad, Nat, with him. Who, by the way, is the computer whiz of the family. I hope I'm running this blog to his standards.

Now, last but certainly not least... the one that made me an Aunt to begin with is the beautiful, intelligent, silly, and ever a princess...Annika! This is from her joint B-day party with cuz'n Dexter...they are exactly 51 weeks apart.

Well, that's everyone. I'll post the newest additions soon!

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