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Monday, January 30, 2006

Radioactive Girl

My transformation is complete...I've always wanted to be a super hero and now you can call me Radioactive Girl... you can call me ROG (pronounced rouge with a hard G as in Rogue Leader from Star Wars not as in rouge that girls put on their cheeks for color).

So ROG it is! The procedure was embarrasingly simple. It started out like an episodes of The Simpson's with Homer removing a nuclear vile from a container with long tweezer-like utensils. The technician put a big metal container on the counter, put some tap water in a suringe and inserted the water into a really small vile. All I did was drink, threw a straw, a tiny amount of liquid. He added a little water each time and I had to be sure and slurp a lot because, apparently, the radioiodine can adhere to the glass and I had to be sure to slurp it allllll up. That was it. I am radioactive! I now have to be careful and not "be with" anyone for 2 days. I can't sleep in the same bed as my hubby or my kids, can't watch a movie or read a book with them.

Okay! Here's the best part of the procedure! Michael Vartan was at the doctor's office and wasn't afraid of taking a picture with me, even though I was aglow! You know I always carry my camera and playboy bunny outfit!


Beach Girl said...

Best of luck! We hope you do well the next few days!!!

By the way, you are looking pretty sexy! Green must be your color.

mamaholstein said...

SEXY, T! Woo Hoo!!!

Angie C said...

Man... I'd be willing to radiate if it means getting to hang out with Vaughn :) :) :)

Hugs Tash, Ang

Anonymous said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If I had a extra thyroid
I would give it to you


Tasharoo said...

Aaaaah! How Sweet! Thanks ever so much!

vethottie said...

ROG you are one cwazy lady!

Beach Girl said...

Tash, Thanks for going to the Cabin this past week end! It was so much fun, we will have to do it again soon.

Beach Girl said...

Blog soon Tash! I am anxiously awaitng your creativity!!!!!!

Mehana said...

Hi, sorry I haven't replied to your comment a few weeks ago, I've neglected my blog these past few weeks...I wanted to let you know I've had some trouble with my videos from videocodes4U, but I found another site that provides links to videos--webratsmusic.com (I think that's the right link), anyways, try that site if you're having trouble like i've had...

It's nice to see another Utah blogger!

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