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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Your Own Blackhole

Why is it when you need a pair of scissors you can never find them? I remember growing up we never had scissors and now this horrible legacy as followed me to my own home.

Do you also have trouble finding fingernail clippers and that one sock? Where do you eventually find it? Where is your blackhole?

Do you think when we die we will find all our lost items in a neat little pile in heaven?...will we be able to find the pile of all our lost junk? will we care anymore?


Anonymous said...

Is there anything that you can't do??? Just wondering!!! Your friend at Oakwood

Beach Girl said...

Have you seen my lip gloss? I have lost about 100 of them!

The best thing about loosing items is how happy we feel when we find them when we least expect it...like money in a pocket!!

Tasharoo said...

Oh yeah! Money in a pocket IS the best!

chefleylesley said...

I love cleaning out my bags b/c then I have the joy of finding lots of things, cand, lip gloss, money, and realy old recites!!!

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