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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Zane or Lucas?

Is he a cutie? The newest Baby Beach was born at 6:29 am on January 26, 2006, weighing in at 6 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long.

Last I heard he will either be named Lucas or Zane... I'm hoping for Zane. His middle name will be Gary (that's the deceased grandfather) What a wonderful tribute. Besides Zane being a cool name, Zane Gray was one of Gary Beach's favorite authors. It may be too late for a vote, but you can vote anyway in your comment.

Parker and Dexter are excited for their 8th new cousin!... They are pretty lucky because I only have 3 cousins! Yes, Three! That's it and none of them live anywhere near Utah!

I'll upload some more pictures later! Lata! Aunt-T (Auntie)


art history alli said...

I vote for Lucas, although Zane is pretty cool. What you call Zane for short... Za? Luke is really cute and all high school heart-throbs are named Luke.

art history alli said...

ps: I hope that you feel better soon!

Tasharoo said...

Thanks Alli~
I'm a lover of unusual names, that's why I'm voting for Zane. You don't hear of the name Keegan very often. Parker has gotten more popular and Dexter, well, Dexter not so much but Parker is upset that Dex has a phone book named after him! You don't have to have "short" for your name. Most people with one syllable don't get that... like John, they usually get a "Y" sound added to there name. Zaney would be awesome... hopefully he'll be a little zany and not too serious!

mamaholstein said...

Not that I have any say, but, I think Zane is super cute!

Beach Girl said...

Lucas was my favorite. I didn't want to say anything and hurt people's feelings. I am glad they choose Lucas....

Are we going to call him Lucas all of the time? What shall his nick name be???

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