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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Grave's Update

I saw Dr. Hales again on Thursday. He says, Yes, the Grave's is definitely real. I don't have anything else wrong with me, no cancer or infections. My sedrate was 12... cancer or illness shows at around 100. I pretty healthy. My cholesterol was only 165, the nurse said Excellent.

We schedule my radioiodineablation for Monday. This will be the radiation they do to my thyroid. In the past 2 weeks my symptoms have gotten worse, so I am excited to start getting better.

Dr. Hales said that I have my normal "threshold". When I was banded this raised my threshold tolerance a little bit and then the Grave's pushed me over the edge. He is hoping that once the Grave's is "taken care of" all my digestion problems with get lots better. If not we may talk about removing my band... yes, that's how bad things have gotten. Once I started taking the Reglan, things have gotten 85% better and the Ambien is heaven sent! It's so awesome to feel tired and feel like you could go to sleep if you wanted to!

Wish me luck! and you can call me Radioactive Girl. I'll be radiating for 2 days so I can't spend long periods of time with anyone, especially my kids. I'd love to spend 2 days in a hot tub at some hotel, but the doctor said it would be fine to stay at home and carry on as normal... DANG IT!

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