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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fool's Day Dinner

I made dessert for April Fools Day dinner.
Meatloaf Cake - I made my meatloaf mixture and baked it in 2 cake pans, squirted on the raspberry filling (ketchup) and frosted it with whipped vanilla icing (mashed potatoes).
I also made a Chocolate Carmel Sauce to pour over it, if anyone wanted it. (Beef Gravy)
I also served Orange Kool-Aid for the drink (orange Jell-o, put in fridge with the straws so they harden in the Jell-o)
We also had orange sticks (cooked carrots...that was the best I could come up with)
The boys absolutely LOVED it! What a hit!
My sister served the same Cake but made it in a Bundt Cake Pan. She went all out and colored some the potatoes pink & some green and using a cake decorating tube fashioned some lovely pink roses complete with leaves! She also had Sushi (rice crispy treats)
For APD 2009 ideas or for any old time Google April Fool's Day recipes or try this link. I can't wait to try the "Cheerios!"


suz said...

What a good idea! Although it does look sort of gross. I'm going to try it next year. You are a fun mom!

mamaholstein said...

You clever little mama! We didn't do anything for April Fool's Day. I am a slacker mom. Well, a slacker everything. :)

Tasharoo said...

As if Mamaholstein! Let me remind of you a fabulous green dinner...it is posted at http://morganzoo.blogspot.com/2008_03_01_archive.html
You ROCK! You are the reason I made the AFD dinner! I'm trying to keep up with you! I want to be as Cool of a mom as you are!

Tasharoo said...

Towards the end of the night, John was doing his homework and kept looking at the cake. He came and told me it was making him hungry because the meatloaf started looking like carrot cake to him (his favorite). I said, there are carrots in it!

Beach Girl said...

That was clever, however, with my picky eaters; no one would even try it :( Aaron will only eat 4 things right now: Cheerios, mandarin oranges, black berries, and occasionally a pear. I wonder where he gets it from. Steve maybe??????

Jennie Stephens said...

WE DID THE SAME THING! We had a meat loaf cake..... "grilled cheese sandwiches" pound cake with orange frosting, and "mashed potatoes" vanilla bean ice cream with carmel sauce. It was pretty fun. jackson saw the cake, grabbed a HANDFULL, and then took a bite. Well he then ran over to the KITCHEN pat and started to lick the DIRTY kitchen mat to remove the meat from his mouth, AAHHAHHHA

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