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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Beach Zoo

My friend, Stephanie's blog is called the Morgan Zoo. A zoo is what it has been around our house lately. Let me share the different animal sitings at our house lately.

I took Buddy to get groomed on Wednesday. I didn't recognize him when they brought him out! He was really cute and more gray with all that shag shaved off! I went crazy with some new outfits for him too!

You all know Brillo and Buddy...I was trying to take a nap on my swing and the dogs thought it looked pretty comfy on my swing too!

For the last couple of days this gorgeous orange cat has been tormenting Brillo! None of the neighbors know where she came from, but she is definitely well fed. I picked her up and she is chunky under all that hair. She struts down the sidewalk and the barking from inside the house starts. Then, with all the "gall" of this cat she prances right up to the porch and sits in front of the door. Brillo is going berzerk and clawing at the glass door to get THAT cat. (Buddy feels that is free time to bark too, so he joins in on the fun) The cat just looks at Brillo like he's an idiot.

On Saturday we were outside working on the fence and gate. All the sudden Brillo & Buddy went tearing past John and I....the cat was back. She just stood her ground against Brillo. Brillo barked and barked. Buddy was a little freaked out and left the confrontation. Brillo kept barking and barking at the cat. She meowed that low menacing meow and just looked at him, like "Bring it on Big Boy!" Brillo would stop so the cat took matters into her own paw and charged Brillo and swatted at him.
Brillo wouldn't let me grab him so I picked up the cat and walked back to our house and Brillo followed me. I had to put him back in the house 8 times! He kept getting out and it was driving me INSANE!!! Brillo wanted at that cat so bad he taught himself how to open the kitchen screen door! That was promptly fixed! Thank you John!

Also while we were working on the fence, the horse came over to investigate. She loves visitors. Killian is not our horse but she lives on the property behind us. It's cool having a horse in your backyard and not having to pay for the feed!
So two dogs, one cat and a horse...that's a lot for the Beach House!


Beach Girl said...

Buddie is a doll!

suz said...

That cat was in our backyard last week. I had never seen him before either. Ben said he wanted to "catch that cat with the weird face"!

mamaholstein said...

If only I had so few animals around my house. Not to mention, in my house. :)

The Sweet Escape said...

My little Rachel will be there at your house tomorrow to watch that horse all day long! ;) How fun to have all those animals around. Just watch out for that horse - he may bite (they scare me!)

Tasharoo said...

Killian is a sweetie. When we took down that section of the fence she came right over to investigate. I fed her some carrots and Parker gave her some grass.
I watch her everyday and consider her my horse. When I can't find her I get worried. She was limping last spring and it freaked me out so I called Elyse (her owner) Killian had been running and her foot got stuck in the mud and she sprained it...poor baby! She sits out there through the rain and snow, she's such a trooper.

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