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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Doggy Visit

Ashley loves to come see Brillo. She often asks to just come over and see him, and that's what she likes to do..."See" him not really play with him. Aaron, her little brother enjoys Brillo too. He gets down on the floor and wants to see him too, but when Brillo comes near to investigate, Aaron freaks out a little. Well, Aaron has definitely gotten over his fears! Aaron was practically attacking Brillo, but Brillo loves it and knows that any visitor is here to see and love on him!

Ashley & Aaron brought their cousin, Valerie over with them. She totally freaked out screaming that 4 yr old scream, you know the one, the ear-piercing scream? John and Steve sat down with them all and taught them how to act around Brillo. You see, when you run from Brillo he thinks you want to play and he will chase you. If you sit down, Brillo thinks you want to rub his belly.

1 comment:

Beach Girl said...

I LOVE THIS POST! The pictures are priceless. Aaron must love Brillo, look how he is petting him. We will have to get a dog someday (soon I hope). It is true, Ashley loves to go "see" Brillo.

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