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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

This is NOT an April Fool's joke.

John and I definitely thought we were done, but it happened... and once it happens how can you go back?

We didn't want to tell anyone until we were sure.

We've actually thought about it for a while. We didn't tell the boys at first because we didn't want to get them too excited.

He is very needy and loves to be held.

We thought he would be hairless, but he has hair...and we've named him Buddy!

Buddy is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. Chinese Crested dogs are the ones without hair. He has siblings that are hairless, but luckily for us, he is a cute little powder puff.

He reminds me of our childhood dog, Roxy. She was just walking down the street and stopped at our house and never left. She was all blonde. Buddy also reminds me of an inlarged Yorkie. When he was born he had the same coloring as a Rottweiler so his owners named him Rottie. We've changed it to Buddy... Buddy & Brillo. Isn't that cute?

Brillo doesn't seem too concerned about him. We've all been extra nice and paid a little more attention to Brillo so that his feelings don't get hurt. Brillo is a great big brother and I'm sure he'll whip Buddy right into shape and show him the ropes. Brillo has really helped out with the house training aspect. When Brillo pees on something outside, Buddy has to go and investigate and pee there too!

My friend, Angie, is pregnant with her 4th, and 1st girl! She posted pictures of the cute little baby girl clothes. I thought I would post some of Buddy's first clothes.

Come on! Gimme a break! He needs to be dressed! He's a hairless breed...he could freeze to death! Plus, he likes it! He feels pretty! Brillo has never been a fan. I'm sure he looks at Buddy and just thinks, "What a pansy!" (hee hee) I do that alot now...making up Brillo/Buddy conversations.


mamaholstein said...

YAY for Buddy!! I think you'll love having 2 dogs. I have 4 and sometimes I think I'm nuts but when the 3 little ones jump up on my and snuggle it's great. Congrats!!

Tasharoo said...

Wait, I thought you had the 2 small ones. Oh, then the one that got lost during the tornado...who is the 4th?

mamaholstein said...

Sadie, old lost tornado girl. Chloe, awful Chihuahua I paid for, what was I thinking? Bruno, my adorable Dachshund. He is worth every cent. And lastly, Oscar, the Chihuahua we found wandering on the side of the road. :)

Beach Girl said...

congrats on the new puppie-dog! I love him. I am so happy he has some hair, so cute. Ashley wants to come over and meet him....and see your new car too

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